Friezland Fjord Horse Stud NZ

"Keeping Fjords Pure"

About us

Friezland Fjord Horse Stud NZ is the largest Fjord stud in the North Island of New Zealand  with 7 Fjords in total based here at the stud. We are committed to preserving the Fjord Horse's unique and iconic heritage, and we are proud to be members and supporters of the Fjord Horse Studbook and Society of New Zealand.  

Located in the Wairarapa, we strive to provide a high-quality livestock breeding services and to ensure that the vision and values of the prestigious Fjord Horse international society are upheld here in New Zealand. We are dedicated to promoting and protecting its future.

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  • Breeding quality Fjord horses
  • Fjord Horse Sales
  • Fjord Horse Showing
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